We are just like you, as pet parents ourselves!

That is why we know what the pets need and like. Knowing is loving! That is why we are passionate about delivering our care to your pets through providing quality products which made for your pet’s sake.

We are young, yet reliable and innovative

Furry Fido started from 3 years ago by a group of pet people in the New York City. Our philology that motivates us to create pet supplies still the same today, your pet’s happiness and wellness is our priority. We are consistently developing our products lines and dig in.

Our mission is our promise to you

Your beloved furry friend’s healthier and happier life is our only longing for. We enthusiastic about making innovative, durable and honest products that deliver instantly visible joy to your pet.

Our team, our family

Yes we are young and hopeful! Let’s do it! We are passionate and active, always full of ideas and put into action. We learn quickly from our mistakes and improve ourselves each everyday. We are a big family of pet lovers in the U.S.

We are proud of our partners!