Tips of choosing the best pet carrier

Right Size
Pet carriers are designed with pet’s weight. Therefore, knowing your pet’s current weight is necessary before purchasing a carrier. We advise to try out carriers in the local pet store and make decision. If you would like to purchase online, please read the labels carefully. Also, make sure the online seller provide free return in case the size doesn’t really match.

Fabric or Hard Shell?
The material of the pet carrier is decided by your preference, how would you like to travel together with your furry friends. Kind in mind that plastic carriers are often heavier and bulky, while the soft ones are adjustable always so that you may put it in your car, under the seat in front of you on a train or plane.

Wheeled or wearable
A wheeled or wearable pet carrier is very basic carrier for you to use daily, especially if you are going to take a long trip. If you have to walk a lot, then the pet carrier with wheels will be a good option to save energy. Also, a wearable pet carrier, namely pet sling could be very useful for you if your pet is small size. You may hold your pet close to your body, it’s also a great way to comfort your pet and reduce anxiety. Furry Fido Pet Sling is designed for the pets less than 13 pounds, which is made of breathable fabric for comfort featuring a safety collar hook for added security. The lightweight and convenient design is extra safe and strong so that your pet is secure and comfortable while traveling together with you. For more information, please check the details below

Furry Fido Black Classic Pet Sling

Furry Fido Chevron Gray Adjustable Pocket Pet Sling

Furry Fido Navy Adjustable Pocket Pet Sling

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